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The Development Cycle

It all started when you developed a really cool site. Now you have to integrate to an existing corporate environment. You like the cool look that the site has achieved but you are unable to gain the security and database integration characteristics that your real business has. Here are a few primers and links that will help you along the way

Agile Process Methodology
Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

Read more about the Agile Process at .TheAgileHistory

MVC Model View Controller is 3 tiered Architecture which pulls business specific logic (rules) out from Presentation and DataModel Layers. The specific implementation in the J2EE world for MVC is named 'Struts'. To read more of Struts I encourage you to visit the Struts Page located at StrutsMainPage on the Apache site

ApplicationServers-Websphere Persisting as well as managing the information and configuring environments can be a daunting task. Each corporate environment has sufficiently different environment challenges that could force you to spend enormous energy and resources to get a simple application up and running. IBM has met this challenge with their Websphere Application Server. I encourage you to visit the Websphere site located at IBM site to learn more how Websphere Application Server will help your business configure and manage your web application

Oracle DB Oracle Database product is the most widely installed DataBase of all Installed Database Products worldwide. Many Data centric Managers will install Oracle to gain the ability to organise their Data and to reflect the organisations business processes thru identification of your Oracle DB schema. I encourage you to look at OracleSite to gain insight into how Oracle can help you with your mission critical informational storage needs.

Content Management Systems-Sharepoint The idea of content-management system is simple.Take everything you need to create a website (content) and store it in readily accessible media such as xml, properties files or the Database itself. The most advanced CMS System is Microsoft's Sharepoint site. The J2EE Equivalent is Vignettes Web Content Management product . For more information I encourage you to view Vignette's site at Vignette. Another CMS shareware offering for Apache is Drupal . The Drupal product is currently in beta but a working commercially available product will be available by 2010..